Pagination does not work with LoadData event for DropDownGrid

When data source properties are set on the LoadData event of DropDownGrid the pagination buttons do not work and all records are shown at once.


However, the same works when the page's Load event is used.


Works normally on our demo:

I believe it fails for Blazor WebAssembly project

Steps to reproduce

  1. Create a Radzen - Blazor WebAssembly project
  2. Radzen Data Tab: Add a single table with more than 10 records
  3. Create an empty page in Radzen and drag the DropDownGrid control
  4. Go to the LoadData event of the DropDownGrid and configure to InvokeDataSource with params $count=true
  5. Set the result.Value and result.Count in the Then steps
  6. Bind the Data and Count property from step 5
  7. Output: pagination fails

Thanks for the detailed response. I was able to fix the issue for the LoadData event. I was not binding the LoadDataEvent args and was just setting the $count parameter.