Pages sort order in designer

Hello, I find it quite confusing that the modal dialogs (add, edit) are not grouped by the main entity so that they are cluttering up at different positions on the list in the designer. Wouldn’t it be nicer to have them grouped by their entity? And yes, I know that you have a search function at the beginning of the list :wink:

  • Books
  • Add Book
  • Edit Book

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same Question from me here


Implementing physical folders (as suggested by @ThomasS) would be quite an effort and we have postponed it for now. It will affect the code generator too as well as page URLs. It would also be a breaking change.

A simpler implementation is automatic grouping based on Table name (as suggested by @MarcSommer) . This will only work with automatically generated pages. One won’t be able to add a custom page to a group unless it contains the same Table in its name. Is that a feasible solution? Say in the given example Books, Add Book, Edit Book will be under the same group - Book. If one creates a page Display Book it will appear in the same group.

Is it necessary to put the pages in folder in order to show them in a tree? for sure this will be effect the whole system and will be a graet effort.

In my opinion it would be absolutely enough if we can give the pages a “category”. the category can be a table/entity name by default/generation. for custom pages no category is set (or category “custom”!?). something like that… And the category can be changed in the designer/right click on page/properties.

can that be a way?


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