Pages delete button

Please remove or better manage this button that deletes all pages!
I accidentally deleted everything!

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You are not using the latest version

I have the latest version and the message didn't appear, it just erased everything.
Is there any bug
Now Radzen Ide suddenly closed while I was editing an event.
And I can't find the installation on my PC anymore!
What's going on?

I found the installation folder in "C:\Program Files\Radzen" and started the ide and found another error... if I clicked Done in the load event the project closed...

Anyway, I have the Visual Studio project with all the deleted pages but without the "Meta" folder, is there any way to recover them from the IDE?

You cannot recover meta code from already generated VS project, you should use source control like Git for such cases.

This happened to me some months ago as well. Luckily we had a git repository and were able to recover the pages. I really don't see the use of this button, would be better to just have one for each individual page to avoid such big misstakes.


Hey @RIProG,

There is a confirm dialog for delete all pages and you can use context menu to delete individual page:

again with confirm:

Furthermore you can select desired pages and delete only the selected: