Page Schema list of values empty

Trying out Radzen Studio Community.
When trying to create a page for anything but an empty page dialog has a required field called Page Schema. Drop down list is empty and I need a selection to move to the next step.

How do I populate Page Schema list?

Hi @chaos,

You need to add a data source first. Check here: Databases | Radzen Blazor Studio

Oracle data source is added.

Also when inferring database objects CRUD option is not available since I am in community mode and it doesn't show tables or views at that point during steps of creating a data source.

Oracle databases and CRUD page generation are not available in community mode: Radzen Blazor Studio Editions | Radzen Blazor Studio

Why am I able to create an Oracle data source in community mode if I can't use it?

You shouldn't be able to create Oracle data source in community mode. The option is disabled.

I have the option of creating an Oracle data source, but the option to create CRUD forms on the next step is disabled.

Since the division of topics is confusing on this forum, I am using Radzen Studio, not Radzen Blazor Studio if that makes a difference.

It makes a big difference as those are different products. CRUD page generation is not supported in community mode in Radzen Studio.