Page List in Designer

Hello Radzen team,
i have a couple of pages in Radzen and a bit irritating is that im searching and searching for pages that i must edit.

2 proposals…

  1. Mark a page as “ready” or “todo something” or something else. The mark should be filtered by one click. “Show marked Items” or something like this in addition to the “Find page…” function.
  2. Page list as a tree so that one can drag and drop pages in a folder or branch. preferred a tree that i can manually define. so one can have page categories like

| Artikel ±
|---- Add Artikel
|---- Edit Artikel
|---- Artikel
|---- Reports ±
| -------- Artikel Report 1
| -------- Artikel Report 2

| Artikelart ±
|---- Add Artikelart
|---- Edit Artikelart
|---- Artikelart

That were great to organize work. The “Find page…” function on page list is helpful but do not really helps organizing.
What do you think?

Kind REgards

Hi Thomas,

Thanks for the feedback! We will do our best to provide improvements in Radzen when working with pages!

Best Regards,