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I'm just curious about the padding you have set up for the fluid container in the Main.razor page. I see that when I am adding a page, there is a large amount of dead space prior to the page title. Most of the applications that I write utilize the entire field of view on the page. If I mess with the padding or margins in that fluid container, or within my page (mainly to just start displaying data at the top of the page), I can affect the left margin and padding, but the top margin and padding has a negative affect on all the view modes, i.e. if I change the margins so that desktop FHD start at the top of the page (versus the margin / padding default), it pushed every other view up into the Main.razor top row and really looks bad. Is there any way within RBS to be able to start my page a 0 top and 0 left?

I apologize for my ignorance here, but RBS is drastically different in design time from Radzen 2.xx

Hey @daveg1466,

If I understand correctly, you need to edit the layout to make sure the RadzenBody containers do not have any padding/margin styles applied. To do so:

  1. Open the respective layout file
  2. In the Outline inspector locate the RadzenBody containers
  3. From the Styles property grid remove any css classes or styles that set any widths or paddings/margins.

Make sure you don't remove the functional classes (container-fluid, row and col).

In addition, although it is not recommended, you could delete the div.container-fluid, div.row and div.col containers altogether and have the expression as a direct child of RadzenBody. This way all widths, paddings and margins will be controlled by the elements/containers in each one of your pages respectively.

I each of the classes listed contains the margins and padding of the invdividual formats for phones, tablets, etc...

Thank you for the clarification...

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