'Page.{class}' does not contain a definition for 'object'


Currently I'm implementing internationalization in my Blazor app, where the user can change language and all the texts must update without any type of refresh. For real time updates, I'm binding strings from a method located in a service, to the Text properties. Here's an example using the PanelMenu:

It is working perfectly for the layouts but the same process gives me an error in the pages:

Here's a page without the bindings and the service injection:

This happens right after injecting the service, as follows:
And this is the respective .razor page:

The other service mentioned in the error messages has the following enum:

Hi @kim,

It seems Radzen cannot determine the type of the service correctly and generate correct code for design time. Can you zip your application and send it to info@radzen.com? Delete the bin, obj and wwwroot directories to keep the file size smaller.

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