Page-Access Groups with wildcard


Radzen IDE support to specify the access of a page.
(Active Directory Support)

Is there a possibly to use group/role names with wildcards?
E.g. given are "london-service", "paris-service", "berlin-service",...
So I don't like to add a lot of single groups but something "*-service" so grant all service from each town.

PS: By the security provider "Active Directory" it's possible to select a access role/group from a dropdown but with the provider "Windows" there isn't such a dropdown and I have to write one by myself. Is it an bug?

It’s not a bug. It’s something that is not supported. Wildcards for role names is not available as well.

Hello enchev,

ok, thanks anyway for your reply and that the Radzen IDE already have an useful security support.

So I hope to support a dropdown of the access groups for windows too.
Probably instead of wildcards, we will create an central "service"-group and add the subgroups.