Override/Change RadzenBlazorDropDown events?

Currently when I use the arrow keys to select an item in a drop down it is selecting that item and updating any value bound. Is is possible to have the drop down only select the item in the list but not change the bound value until either the item is mouse clicked or the enter key is pressed?

I would looking at the source code on Github and it seems that these events are already being handled (which makes sense) however is it possible to override the onkeypress="enter" and on click for the items in the dropdown? Or would I have to basically rewrite the RadzenBlazorDropDown component for a custom one?

I hope I explained it well enough,

Thank you for your time,

Hi @Nybble,

At the moment there is no way to override this code/behavior.


Thank you for the quick response, I will see if we can make the DropDownDataGrid work as it as the event functionality we need albeit with paging.