Open page in new tab

I can see that other people have asked if this is possible but i have, as yet, seen how it can be done, if at all.
Is it possible to open a page\url from the navigation menu into another tab on the browser? Or, better still, open the url within the same window keeping the page layout?

Opening links in a new window / tab is a feature of the browser. It is available for any hyperlink - clicking with the middle button of the mouse or choosing "Open in new window/tab" from the context menu. This works with Radzen application and can be seen in action here.

True, but if i could set a target for it then i know it would be opened in a new window\tab each time. Currently i cannot see how to set a target on any of the angular menu options.

Yes, setting the target of the menu options isn't currently supported. I have added it to our TODO list.

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Cool. Is there a workaround that I could work with in the meantime? Feel free to say no :smiley:

Then no :slight_smile: Seriously though - we need to implement that in order to enable setting the target of a menu item / panel menu item.

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Just jumping in here - I really need my hyperlinks to open in a new tab. I'd even be fine with that being the default behavior for anything I click in this app. Any timeline when it might be available?

And there's nothing we can do with attributes or parameters or anything to make it happen now?

This thread is for Angular while your other posts are related to Blazor. What framework you are using?

You’re right - my mistake! I’m new here and not a great C# developer. I’m using Blazor and need my links to open in new windows. I can repost in that group if you prefer - but I ended up here because I was really trying to use the search to solve my issue.

Thanks! I've logged your request!

Awesome - I saw a new version prompt me today for install, and now the target feature is there... thanks for the amazingly fast turnaround!

I´m using angular, will this feature be also available?
Right now I´m using script to open new tab.


This is possible in Angular and I am using it. Make Sure you are using the latest version of the app

Has this been implemented? If so, how is it done? I'd like a button to always open its navigate-to page in a new tab.

Yes, it is implemented for navigation menu items:

For buttons you should execute your own custom code to open a page in new tab.

Ah, I see. Thank you.