Open link in new window

How can I let a link open in a new browser window?
I tried to add the parameter "target" with "_blank". Didn't work :frowning:
Could you expose the target-attribute for that component?

The Target property of the Link component is meant for this purpose. Here is a sample (5.5 KB)

Where is it? Would I have to edit the json directly?

Make sure you have the latest Radzen:

My "Checkbox for updates" is always on.
What could lead to the fact that it doesn't trigger?
I just realized I missed out on one month of updates :dizzy_face:

We had a problem unfortunately: Fixed automatic updates

What would you say is the most reliable way to stay up-to-date?
Should I watch some forum-topic?
Or is there a newsletter I can subscribe to?
Or do you have an rss-feed around?

The most reliable way are Radzen auto-updates.

That's a very confident answer :smiley:

  • you had such problems in april
  • you had such problems in june
  • you do not have too much control about electrons auto-updater
  • when there is an update this yellow popup does not show a link to the blog or the changelog
  • the blog has no feed
  • the what's new changelog is hidden in the documentation

Guys! I want to know if you're doing something awesome!
There has to be a way to hook into that except from relying on an external software-component which obviously has its own problems.