Open html editor in dialog

I know that this must be easy, but how can you open the html editor as a dialog/popup?
I want to open the editor from an in line edit datagrid.

Create new razor page with html editor control Now in the click event of the required control you can use open dialog and then the above page to display html editor.

Thanks @Vinod_Pillai. In my case I want to save the value to the database. I want to be able to data-bind the html editor value to my datagrid field. Bearing in mind that if this is a new row then the row has not been created in the database yet.

I don't understand your question. Could you elaborate? The inline editing mode of the datagrid does not involve dialogs - its sole purpose is to avoid opening a dialog.

I have a field in a datagrid where I want to be able to use the html editor to create and edit content. The column width even with resizing does not create a good UX so I want to launch a dialog/popup html editor launched from the inline edit field template instead to give more screen space but just for this one field, the other fields are ok in normal in line edit.

I am afraid this isn't possible. Radzen dialogs are modal and will hide the DataGrid's inline mode.

I'm ok with the dialog being a popup and hiding the inline edit whilst the html editor is in use.

I can trigger a dialog from a button in an inline edit template and pass the data field as a parameter to the html editor page. What I need is to pass the edited value back from the html editor to the inline edit data field so that it can be inserted into the database. It's really a case of passing a value back and forth.

You can check here for instructions about passing parameters and getting return values from a dialog.

Thanks, Getting a result was the piece I needed :+1: