On row click?

These are very newbie questions but I have not been able to find an answer to handle just these requests. The existing answers seem to be mixed in with more complicated handling.
Anyway how do you call a function when a row is clicked?
And related, how to you highlight a row when it is selected? Does the select status (selected or not) persist between pages if paging is enabled?

You can add desired action to RowClick event:

DataGrid rows selection is turned on if you bind Value property or add action to RowSelected event. The selection is for all pages not just for the current page in case of server-side Blazor and for the current page only if you use WASM.

You can play with Radzen templates and our built-in Sample database for more info.

Where is this sample? I am new and I don't know how to "bind Value property". Will that allow me to highlight it and somehow show that it has been selected?
Thank you.

We recommend checking the Radzen documentation. The Fundamentals and Create pages from data (MSSQL) are a good start. The Create a Complete Application tutorial shows more advanced and real-life cases.

The problem I am running into with the demo is that when I get to the step of adding a data source I get a seemingly infinite wait "Inferring schema"
This takes too long when is all I want to do is figure out how to respond to a click event and highlight a row?
It does come back eventually but it seems that all of the checkboxes and buttons are not changeable. For example I cannot select the unchecked views

How big is this database? If it has a lot of tables and views the infer will take a long time. You can create the built-in sample database by clicking the Create Sample Schema button which is next to Infer schema in the new MSSSQL data source dialog.

So when I 'Create Sample Schema' does it add a new database to this server? It seems even after the schema is inferred the IDS is not responsive. It takes several minutes to respond to a click and there is no feedback that it is in progress. It seems like it is frozen.
Anyway the original question was about row click. Is there a faster way to zero in on the answer to that question?
Thank you.

@enchev has already answered that ... There is a screenshot which shows how to handle RowClick. You then asked about properties and events which is why I guided you to check the fundamentals documentation.

I was not clear on where those samples were to see the answer.

Also from your answers it seems that the IDE is not usable with our database?

I think we have already answered your questions. You now need to do some experimenting on your own. Also you can check the source code of our online demos which show working selection implementation: