Old version of my application

I made my first app in 2019 (year visible in footer). Startpage was called "infostart".
Now I made a new version 2020. I renamed the startpage to "home". The page "infostart" is no longer existing. But...
... when I enter my address www.colliedatenbank.ch in the URL, the old version 2019 with "infostart" is coming. Only when entering www.colliedatenbank.ch/home, the new version is coming.
Why that? Where is the old version coming from? Cache is already deleted. How can I fix this?
Thanks al lot

There are probably remnants from the old application on your web server (localized applicatons are deployed in a subdirectory). Try deleting the wwwroot sub directory from the web server and deploying again.

No, there is nothing on the server. I delete everytime the whole app from the server. When deleted, the page cannot be opened. When new installed, the old version is there again. It must be somewhere in my deploy.zip file.

If this page exists in deploy.zip then it probably still exists in some form in the application. Radzen creates deploy.zip from scratch every time.

I searched everything again, but I couldn't find the old version anywhere in the app.
There is another phenomenon. Maybe that helps to solve the problem.
If I enter www.colliedatenbank.ch in the URL, the old version comes. If I then press ctrl F5, the new version appears. How can I go directly to the new version? Do you have any idea?
Thanks Denise

I am afraid I don't know why this could happen. Only you have access to your server and thus can troubleshoot. I suspect there are remnants of the old application that are still deployed. The page that loads initially doesn't include the localization in the URL. I recommend you double check your server configuration.