Offline Blazor App posible on the road map?

Would there be any project on Radzen Team Rodmap to support offline App on android later on ?

I mostly looking for using it as Table content Update/Sync Online/offline when a Field user re-connects...
Doesnt have to be OS native app.

Or is that out of the Team scope in the near future for any Tecnical/admin reason ?

Not in our plans for the coming months, still if you have any problems we will do our best to help you!

To be honest I don't think one could make an offline application with server-side Blazor. The latter requires an open SignalR connection to the server at all times. Obviously this won't work when the device is offline. Probably offline applications will be supported in client-side (WebAssembly) Blazor.

Hi Team members, thank you for your quick reply both :slight_smile:

I'm not a programer with language experience, more of an IDE users, I had not heard about SignalR before untill I dived into Wasm Builder and found yours, last week...
Just out of curiosity, I googled it and found this (2013) article (...more related to Xamarin and VS) which seems - to me - to talk about possible ways to connect both Android & IOs Devices to a server using SignalR for instance, for a Chat App.
...but since I m not at all a coder I can't say that it could be applied to the Radzen Ecosystem requirements... I'd leave that judment to Pros people like you Guys... :wink:

How To Use SignalR in iOS and Android Apps

Anyway, due to the reality that many users of my country market do not benefit from a permanent internet connection on their sole Smartphone devices;
Any out of the Box Radzen solution offering me both :wink:

  • a Website
  • an Android Client syncronizable Appl
    will be a very good news for me not to go into more complex Rad/Ide tools like VS...or whatever..
    Thanks for your reading time...

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