NumericRangeValidator - Dynamic Error global using

Type or dynamic namespace name not found in global namespace, some assembly reference is missing.

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Hi @Jaison_Hernando_Vela,

Unfortunately we can't make much from your screenshot. We will need a minimal code snippet which reproduces the problem.

<div class="d-flex justify-content-around" style="display: flex!important;align-items: center; margin-top:10px;margin-bottom:10px;">
    <h6 style="width:50%">¿Hubo heridos?</h6>
    <h6 style="width:50%">¿Cuantos?</h6>
<div class="d-flex justify-content-around" style="display: flex!important;align-items: center; margin-top:10px;margin-bottom:10px;">
    <RadzenSwitch @bind-Value=@ObjetoGestion.HuboHeridos Change=@(args => OnChange(args, "HUBOHERIDOS")) Style="font-size: 15pt"></RadzenSwitch>
    <RadzenNumeric Name="CuantosHeridos" @bind-Value=@ObjetoGestion.CuantosHeridos TValue="int" class="w-25" Disabled="!ObjetoGestion.HuboHeridos"></RadzenNumeric>
<RadzenNumericRangeValidator Component="CuantosHeridos" Min=@DMinHUBOHERIDOS Max=@DMaxHUBOHERIDOS Text="Requerido..." Popup=@popup Style="display:block;"/>

I am also using the example of "
NumericRangeValidator" with the "RadzenNumeric" component I am sending an int from the database in the "Objetogestion" I use a RadzenSwitch to enable or disable the control but there is no error, the error appears when adding the Min and Max property in the validator

Unfortunately this isn't a snippet that we can run locally. I am afraid I can't help without a self-contained snippet that shows your problem. Try creating one that uses fields defined in the @code {} section of the page. Or use our online demo as a start.

@Jaison_Hernando_Vela @korchev
I got this error too but its not blocker (u can still start/build ur app).

Min-Max param:
Hope can help to fix

In this way that you indicate me, the "NumericRangeValidator" would not be used?

I get the error using radzen's example:

@page "/numericrangevalidator"
@using Radzen
@using System.Text.Json

(1-10 items)

<EventConsole @ref=@console Class="mt-4" />

@code {
class Model
public decimal Quantity { get; set; }

bool popup;

Model model = new Model();
EventConsole console;

void OnInput(ChangeEventArgs args)
    Log("oninput", args.Value.ToString());

void Log(string eventName, string value)
    console.Log($"{eventName}: {value}");

void OnSubmit(Model model)
    Log("Submit", JsonSerializer.Serialize(model, new JsonSerializerOptions() { WriteIndented = true }));

void OnInvalidSubmit(FormInvalidSubmitEventArgs args)
    Log("InvalidSubmit", JsonSerializer.Serialize(args, new JsonSerializerOptions() { WriteIndented = true }));


Did you ever find a solution?

Still have the error

but i can build the proj successfully (maybe its just a bug)