Numeric Validator with decimal?

Hello all,

Hoping I can get some insight. The RadzenNumeric component handles decimal values just fine, but when I want to use the RadzenNumericRange validator to check for decimal limits, Max and Min only takes integer values.

I have a nominal dimension in thousandths of an inch and I'm trying to make sure the lower limits do not exceed (nor upper limits deceed)

No problem I think to myself, so I just wrote a method that returns an appropriate integer that will trigger the validation. (If LL > Nominal, return 0 for Max, else null essentially).

This works ok, but the feedback is not instant like it is for a hardcoded value. That is, the validator will show a green box until a buttontype "submit" is clicked, at which point the validator will function correctly.

It will also function if I press enter while the RadzenNumeric is focused. (But not on a tab-out)

Is there a way to trigger whatever is happening when I hit enter to provide instant feedback to the user that their value is wrong? Or alternatively, a way to use a decimal value with the NumericRangeValidator effectively?

I have tried:
Calling "StateHasChanged()"
Calling TemplateForm.EditContext.Validate() (with an @ref in the TemplateForm html)

Thank you for any assistance.

Hi @SeanT,

We will do our best to provide support for other types for Min and Max with our next update!

Released as we promised!

Wow, less than 24 hours and its working in my software!

Thank you so much!