Numeric render bug i version 2.11.13

Hello, probably I'm found bug in render numeric component. I have two numeric components, hours and minutes and button. When I click on the button I need set current hour and minute to components. There is a problem. When I Change value of minutes and then click to set currnet time button. Current time is not set to component. I tested it and for example in minute numeric is init value 10 and I change value to something and then I click to the button nothing happened. Finally value is set when the time is change to new value in this case 11 minutes or more. And after 11 is set, the situation is same. I change time manually, then I click to the button and nothing happened. Value is changing when the current time is 12 or more. When I set random number to this numeric its work normally.
Value in text component is changed all time. Text component is only for test!

 <RadzenNumeric TValue="int" Value="@_checkinHours" Name="CheckinHours"  Style="width: 60px" />&nbsp;:&nbsp;<RadzenNumeric Value="@_checkinMinutes" TValue="int" Name="CheckinMinutes"  Style="width: 60px" />
        <RadzenTextBox Value="@_test"></RadzenTextBox>
        <RadzenButton Icon="access_time" Click="@SetCheckInTime" />

 int _checkinHours = DateTime.Now.Hour;
 int _checkinMinutes = DateTime.Now.Minute;

 Random rnd = new Random();
private void SetCheckInTime()
    _checkinHours = rnd.Next(0, 60);
    _checkinMinutes = DateTime.Now.Minute;
    _test = DateTime.Now.ToLongTimeString();

And when i try consum the value in code, there are different from value in components

As with any Blazor component you need to use @bind-Value in order to make it update the field e.g. @bind-Value="@_checkinHours". Then when the user types the field will contain the user entered value.

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