Numeric Input format

does anyone know how to format numeric Input? Percentage espacially...

In the Demo it looks like this:

In my app it looks like this:
Only difference from demo is that my value is of type decimal and demo type is double

Thank you for helping

Hi @ThomasS,

Formatting cannot be part of the numeric value.

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Thank you enchev for your fast reply.
But i dont want to format the field. i only want to have the same like the demo.
the demo is 0,5 click up...1 click up...1,5 click up... 2 and so on. Works fine!

My numeric input comes up with "19,0000" (from Database decimal field) ... click up... 19,1000 click up... 19,2000. Trailing "000". I dont know why... nor what can i do against it.I would love to have 19 click up 19,1 click up 19,2 and so on.