Numeric Input Field

hello radzen team,
i have some strange behaviour in numeric fields. I have these numeric fields:

with these database columns:

Why do the numeric shows 4, 2 or 8! decimal places? I cant find a schema in this.
Can you explain to me how this happens? it looks very strange to the users and i have no answer for this behaviour... :frowning:

Thanks for help

I have tested this. It seems that i must Math.Round(xxx) the values. Round(xxx, 3) shows xxx,000.
Looks like i found the answer... :slight_smile:


Can i restrict the user to not type in more decimal places as defined in the database?
for example... xxx,12 for currency fields?


The Radzen Numeric component should display whatever value numberProperty.ToString() returns.

This is not currently supported. You can trim the property values before saving them in the db via Round(). I also think the database will automatically trim the numbers to fit the column precision.

Hi @korchev,
yes. I saw that when i type 7 or 8 decimal points, update the record and edit it again it is correctly rounded by the database

Thanks for answering