Numeric doesn't show entry

Hey guys, I'm new in this forum so please don't mind my inexperience.
I'm new to Blazor with Radzen Components.
I've a little Problem with Numeric Component. I'm declaring the TValue as a double but each time I want to fill the Numeric in the UI, the entry disappears after clicking into another field, or just pressing enter. It doesn't matter if I change the TValue to decimal or float, the same problem appears. Only if the entry has no "comma" or "dot", then the entry stays.

Is there a known problem with this issue?

Thanks in advanced

Hi @chriThie,

Can you reproduce this behavior in our online demo?

Hi @korchev

No I can't. The code is nearley the same as it is in your online demo, but the problem only occurs in my program.


<RadzenNumeric TValue="double" Placeholder="0.0" @bind-Value="@benzinkosten" Change="@(args => GetBenzinkosten(args))" MaxLength="7" Style="margin-bottom: 20px"/>


void GetBenzinkosten(dynamic value)
benzinkosten = value;
details.Benzinkosten = benzinkosten;

Hi @chriThie,

Your function seems to unnecessary update the property used by @bind-Value. Try just this instead:

<RadzenNumeric TValue="double" Placeholder="0.0" @bind-Value="@details.Benzinkosten" MaxLength="7" Style="margin-bottom: 20px"/>

Hi @korchev ,

I tried as you told, but the same problem occures. The value is written in the binding context value, so it is there, only in the UI it disappears after leaving the field.