Nuget packages after 2.5.5 are not functional for Menu onclick event

I didn't try all build numbers, but when updating from 2.4.0 it appears that above 2.5.5 version, will install, but when I run the application, nothing will happen at all when I click on a menu item.

Since I am doing a single page application all of my menu items use "onclick"
RadzenMenuItem Text="Open" @onclick="@(e=> Open())" Icon="line_weight" </RadzenMenuItem

I do have one of the probably 20 menu items using the path option and it still works with version 2.6.0 but it looks like the @onclick stopped working correctly sometime shortly after 2.5.5


We added recently Click event for the whole menu - you can use it instead the custom attribute.

Thank you.
How will I know which menu item was clicked? are there arguments?

I tried a shot at it with RadzenMenu Style=@MenuStyle @onclick="MenuLevelClick" and it doesn't do anything ,as I set a breakpoint on MenuLevelClick and it never reached it.

The event name is Click. For example:
Click=“@MyMenuClicked”. The argument of the event provides Text and Path properties to know the clicked item.

It worked for me to add an event with Click=@MyMenuClicked in the sense that it now responds to the event, but if I try to add one or two parameters to the MyMenuClicked method, then it won't compile. It insists that it be a parameterless method.

Can you explain how to get the "Text" and the "Path" argument?
(I am not using the path though.)

@Daniel, this is event callback and as such you should use the proper arguments:

furthermore you can extend it to provide other arguments like this:

As I said in my previous reply both Text and Path are properties of the Click event argument:

Thank you. I am still adjusting to the new format for method calls. I overall think Blazor is the best development platform I have ever used, but I am still not grokking the method call notation very well.
For example. it seems that sometimes the " " are needed, and sometimes not.
The eventcallbacks mostly make sense, but the one with the second parameter, makes no sense.
Anyway, my question is answered, than you very much.