Notification quirk

I have a Radzen page which opens an add dialog which is a template form. The user fills in form and hits a save button which performs a submit.

The Page submit handler executes custom angular code which does some manipulation on the passed event data and returns an object which is then used as a parameter to an invoked data source method. The data source method controller has been customized using the partial classes and methods to add validation which throws exceptions and displays a notification on screen if any issues are found - the notifications being displayed using the error branch on the handler (all developed using as an example and working nicely).

The quirk I am seeing is that the notifcation window is sometimes opening and displaying validation errors but, is coming up greyed out and unclearable - it's as if the notification is linked to the page which called the dialog rather than the dialog itself.

If I re-press the "Save" button without changing any data, then a new notifcation is displayed and not greyed out and the the original notification which was greyed out becomes no longer greyed out.

Do you have a notification displayed in the main page? This would explain the notification being greyed out - it is behind the dialog overlay.

No - the only notifications are from the 'add' template form and displayed from it's Page Submit event handler

Does it happen every time? I cannot seem to reproduce that locally in a default setup.

It doesn't happen 100% of the time but, seems more prevalent the first time you open the template form from the main page.

Does it happen on other pages? We will need to find a pattern here in order to reproduce it.

Only on this page - that said, this is the only page I have at the minute which uses the structure outlined in my first post. Not sure if it helps but, here is a screenshot of the form submit handler.