Not responsive on mobile


So I am just about to complete my proof of concept, developing on my laptop, and decided to test on iPad. I found several critical problems with the controls and am seeking for advice on how these could be fixed.

Many controls (drop-down, dropdown with datagrid, listbox , slider etc) don't react to a "click" event -- the list of the drop down would come out, but there is no way to select an item. In a datagrid, the "RowSelect" event (to update the item) does not fire . All of these are working fine on my laptop and on my iPhone though.

The situation is the same with the Radzen demo website, so this would not be a local issue. I've tested two iPads with the same results.

Anybody experience this, any advice on how to fix this?



If the demos are working on your iPhone but not on your iPad the problem in my opinion is different. Any more info about iPad versions?

Yeah, it is ipad mini2 (2012). Will definitively try to grab a more recent model to test.


I had issues on an older iPad as well with Radzen controls. The issue was the iPad was on an older version of iOS. I think v12. I upgraded the iPad OS to the latest version and that resolved my issue.

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