Not getting OData filter string on datagrid first LoadData

I have a datagrid setup that first restoring saved grid state. That grid state can contains with filters and sorts. The grid is Invoke LoadData event with those filters and sorts.

I need to set this grid to support OData queries. but my problem is first time grid invoke LoadData event with normal filter string, not with OData filter string. But once I set data to AsODataEnumerable() I'm receiving OData string. How I get OData string from the first place?

Hello @enchev , In my case, I have a generic grid. In some instance it is working with OData another instance it is working as normal. using 2 separate variables to bind data not a clean way with my existing logics.

Don't we have any flag to inform the grid that we are relying on OData services or not..?

Described approach is the only available.