Northwind WASM sample app

I was looking through examples/sample apps and I came across Northwind Server app, I really like it for all that it demonstrates in one project. I am a WASM developer. Do you have the same Northwind sample in WASM, I didn't find it?

Thanks in advance for your help!!! :slight_smile:

Hi @keithnarsansky,

Which application are you referring to? Most probably we don't have a WASM equivalent ready though. You can just scaffold the Northwind database and get a CRUD application out of the box.

I can do that but your Northwind server app has additional functionality that I would love to use as a sample. As I have posted in other posts, Studio does an amazing job getting 80% done, I'm trying to learn the last 20%. I have learned and built other apps that has that 20% functionality but does not work the same way Studio generates code.

Still not sure what Northwind application you are referring to. Can you post a link to it?

I will post link tonight

I found this sample on GitHub for Radzen examples.

radzen-examples/NorthwindBlazor at master ยท radzenhq/radzen-examples (

Hi @keithnarsansky,

This application seems to be 100% scaffolded from the Northwind database. I couldn't find any additional code added to it. What additional functionality are you referring to? I just can't find it in that particular app.

ok, Tomorrow I will scaffold and compare what I get to it.

Running your sample, it just looks like it had more so I am assuming it does.

It would be great if Radzen studio on it's own can generate that app. :slight_smile:

Just have in mind that application was created with Radzen Studio and would look a bit different.

I expect Radzen Studio would "look" different, I can change that. What I will be looking for is for example on "Customer" page there might be a field 'Status" I would expect that to be a dropdown etc.

Radzen Studio creates all the CRUD pages but it is the extra "functionality" on a page that I will be looking to see if it lines up with your sample app.

It's those extra "functionality" I am trying to find samples or snips of code to use in my own app. If you look at your components examples it's hard to convert how to use in Radzen studio either using Studio UI or trying to convert sample code to how Studio codes the app.

Tomorrow I will create Northwind app and I will let you know if I see any specific questions to ask you.

Radzen Blazor Studios create dropdowns when there are foreign key constraints defined between tables.

You are correct. I used Radzen Blazor Studio and it generated the same app you have on GitHub. I did not look that close at your GitHub Northwind sample. I thought it would have more advanced functionality since it was Northwind a full ERP. So here is what I am really looking for. Radzen has tons of components, but a lot of them it is not obvious how you set them up using Studio UI. If you look at your Radzen Component demos, it is very difficult to copy and paste that code and then tweak to my app because the way Studio codes, your code snippets were coded differently and don't work in Studio generated code. Is there some resource(s) that I have missed either Radzen Studio components videos beyond the basic or how how to adapt your code samples to be used in Studio code? It's probably simple to adapt your component samples to use in studio generated code, I just haven't figured that out yet lol. You have a ton of great components I want to use in my apps but... Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Which component's demo doesn't work in Radzen Blazor Studio? Maybe some of the demo that uses entity framework context won't work in WASM applications but anything else would work without modifications. If you have a specific question don't be afraid to ask them.

I recommend checking the Complete Application tutorial. It shows how to build a CRM application from the ground up.

I did use the CRM application and built everything up to the dashboard which I couldn't get to work. I will try building that again tomorrow and let you know where I get stuck. For example of a component, I want to add a bar chart to Northwind on a page called Dashboard. I want to use the view "Category Sales for 1997" displaying the top 5 categories. I use partial pages. If I look at Chart component you hard code the values and don't link to a data source. So can I use Studio UI to hook the chart up to that view, I don't see how to do that? Or where can I find sample code to learn how to connect a chart to data?

Of course you can. You can invoke the method which gets data from that view and use the result to assign it to a field or property of your page. Then use that field or property to set the Data of the chart series.

Another option is to create CRUD pages for that view and replace the generated DataGrid with a chart. The code which gets items from the view and stores them in a page field would be automatically generated.


Thank you, thank you. It is so easy to add a chart thanks to your help!!! :slight_smile: