No grid in IDE

I'm trying to develop a new app with the latest Radzen build, but the datagrids don't show up in the IDE. They do show up when I run the app.

We are working on a fix as we speak. The next update should be fine.

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I downloaded the latest build. Adding Template code to format dates causes the datagrid to virtually disappear again.

Here's an example of the template code: ${data.Modified | date:"MM/dd/yyyy HH:mm"}

Exiting Radzen and relaunching brings back a shortened datagrid:


Unfortunately we couldn't reproduce this one. Formatting a date in a column template worked as expected. Can you send your meta directory to (with the latest changes) so we can troubleshoot?

As for the grid height - I guess the Height property is set for some reason. Clicking the x button next to the Height property should reset that.