No direct Export functionality to csv and excel. How to use and customise northwind service to directly download the contents of the entire grid without using controller

How to export all the pages of the grid?Need to export all pages and also include conditional formatting like increasing row span. There is no in-build functionality so far in radzen , like in telerik, etc.

Consider conditional formatting like increasing row span for records. i have 45 columns in my grid and row span is applied on the first 24 columns based on the 25th column. Meaning the first 3 rows of the first 24 columns is merged for first 3 records in 25th column. So when I should export the - > 2nd and 3rd row for first 24 columns, the cells should be blank and instead 2nd row should not start directly from the 25th column but the rows until 24th column should be merged with the above row and 25th column data should start from 25th column and not from 1st column in the exported CSV and Excel file.

Tools Using : Visual Studio 2019 (Windows), RadzenVersion 3.14.2

There is no styling when exporting - just data. You can check also my answer here about paging:

Is there an example for this type of implementation? where the data is not coming from the database model but the grid? The one currently here : just downloads the data from the table of database passed in the request.

we want to export data with grid being the source of data. If there is an existing example, would be of great help. Thanks in advance

I'm afraid that there is no such example or built-in functionality you are looking for.

How can we request this as a feature? similar like this - Blazor DataGrid Demos - Excel Export | Telerik UI for Blazor

Exporting is already available in Radzen:

We do not have plans for built-in export in the DataGrid component itself.

ok , Thanks a lot! Appreciate your prompt responses