No _content Raden.Blazor components loaded

I started development of an application using Blazor Wasm (ASP.NET Core Hosted).
I wanted to try out your Radzen.Blazor components so I followed the "Getting started" section on your page and all the components are recognized in .razor files now.
The problem I'm facing is that no "_content/Radzen.Blazor/*" folder is in the wwwroot.
I looked for potential issues and "ASPNETCORE_ENVIRONMENT" is set to "Development", so I don't see an issue there.
Additionally I tried MatBlazor (and still have it there) and that one loads just fine (_content/MatBlazor directory is in sources)
Do you have any suggestions on what I could do to fix this?

Hi @Eduard,

The instructions in our getting started are the only instructions we have, nothing else. The files in _content/* are actually built in the assembly.

Hi, thank you for your answer.
Still, I suppose I should see them in Chrome Developer tools/Source , right?