No best type found for implicitly-typed array

Data grid for a two column table is producing a " no best type found for implicitly-typed array" error on the page editor, but the table displays fine from the web.

Table consists of one 'int' identity column with primary key, and one 'string' nvarchar(500) column.

Most of my tables are in this format and no other pages produce this error.

What gives?

Without any other details it’s impossible to say.

But I’d try deleting the datagrid then adding in a new one and then setting the data source. I sometimes find this fixes the glitch.

Thanks @johnmu , I did try this and I have received the same error. I will also note this error appears anywhere the Tenant table appears in my app.

What other info will make this easier to solve? I can provide the datagrid configuration, database table configuration, indexes and keys, the web view, and the class configurations. Will that help?

datagrid Load handler

datagrid binding

ASPNetUsers Table & Tenant Table

ASPNetUsers Tenant FK Relationship

Extended ASPNetUsers Class

Tenant.Custom class

ApplicationIdentityDBContext.Custom class

I have resolved this. My ApplicationIdentityDBContext.Custom class code conflicted with my ASPNetUsers expansion and apparently isnt required with the current version of Radzen and DotNet 5, which I am using for this app