New Row in Blazor RadzenGrid appends to bottom, not sorted

Im testing the Radzen Grid for Blazor with Visual Studio 2019/IIS. SQL updates appear in the grid. However, the new records show up as the last entry in the grid and not part of the applied sort. Is there a way to make sure new data appears in sort order?

Hi @rrr1chr0d,

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Indeed the Radzen DataGrid appends newly inserted items at the bottom of the current page. If it applied sorting that record could have ended on a different page and remain invisible. This could lead the user to think inserting the record failed.

Is there a way to force a datagrid refresh? The sort is on a date field. Expecting new items to be first entry.

Have you tried
Execute c#

await grid0.Reload();

The DataGrid will update automatically if you change the property which its Data is set to. Calling the Reload() method will just render the DataGrid with the existing data which is probably not what you want. You probably want to fetch the data from database so it is sorted in the required order.