New RadzenDataGrid State Management


do you plan to add the possibility to save state of the RadzenDataGrid new component?

It would be nice to save (optionally and choosing what to save) the column sizes, columns positions, hidden columns, column sorts and so on, in order to allow to the users the maximum of flexibility and also it would be nice to decide where to save the state (local storage, database or maybe cookies...).

Are you planning to develop anything like that?

Thank you,

Hi @Soraya,

We don't plan to add support for that as we believe all the information is already exposed and can be retrieved by the developer.


I'd also like to make the RadzenDataGrid sticky. For example I'd like to keep columns hidden that the user selects, once they leave and then return to the grid page. I was planning on saving the Visible property in Local Storage and then resetting the grid when the user navigates back to the grid page. However, it looks like the Visible property is not what I need as it it more the default and the bool? _visible; property is set to false when the column is hidden. But that's not public so I can't use it. t

What property or how should I being doing this. The GetVisible() is internal, so can't use that.

Thanks JIm

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I wasn't able to get the built-in version to work for me. I wanted to save off the state and those properties are not public. I ended up writing my own component to do the same thing. I added it to a set of other customizable components in an Advanced Setting group. Think it looks pretty good


We also need the ability to save/restore grid state. We are new to Blazor development and we are trying out component libraries. Does anybody have an example of how to do that using RadzenDataGrid?

Hi @enchev
the site seems to throw an exception.

Additional information, fist time load it worked, and I have set filter for Employee ID to greater than "2".
When switching the site and went back, than this error occured, even after refreshing with F5

I was able to reproduce it and we will do our best to fix this immediately!

When trying to view the example I get this exception:

You can clear your application cache: