New - RadzenChart Column Options: margin(width) not working

Downloaded the new version of Radzen IDE and tried the Radzen Chart column options 'margin' feature to try to shrink the width of my columns. Does not work. I've tried many values but the column widths are always auto generated based on the width of the chart.

Am I missing something or is this not the intended usage of this feature?

I found the issue and it is hardcoded to the IDE. Through the IDE, changing 'column margin' in 'column options' is supposed to set the width of the columns to the specified value. Unfortunately the IDE labels it in the blazor code as 'margin'. With this parameter in the blazor code, the column width continues to be auto generated. If I manually change the word 'margin' to 'width' in the blazor code, the columns are correctly sized. This seems to be a dev issue.

Without changing the blazor code:



After changing blazor code:



Hi @Andrew_Paull,

The problem is that the Width property is not yet exposed in the IDE (it is Width that enables this behavior not Margin). We will do that in the next release.

@korchev Sweet, Thanks!

@korchev, Would you also be able to expose Column Labels in the IDE? This would be super helpful so we don't need to ignore our razor pages nd potentially lose this change during an accidental overwrite.

Do you mean series data labels? Yes, we will expose those with the next Radzen release.