New Component TagBox Or Tags option on DropDown

Hello chaps,

I have a need in my app for a dropdown that allows the user to select multiple options, like your DropDown with multiple selection, but I would prefer to present the UI as tag, simulair to Select2 tag option.
The benefit to this is that each selected item have a cross next to it and they can be removed individually.

One little problem I think with the Select2 control is that the dropdown does not filter out the selected items, so you select a colour and it is still in the dropdown list, this isn't ideal.
DevExpress have a TagBox which does filter out the selected items correctly.

Would you be able to implement a 'Tags' option on your dropdown control?

What do you think?


Hi @Luke_O_Brien,

I am logging this as a feature request. We won't be able to implement it any time soon though.


Thank you.

No problem, just an idea :wink: