New community categories

Hi Guys, I've noted that you changed the topic categories, and I totally understand why you did. I use these forums extensively as a learning tool but unfortunately, I only have enough time to learn one of the Blazor types right now - Server Side.

With only one category (Radzen IDE (Blazor)) now handling both server-side and WASM, when I read posts I'll now have to hope that the post creator or one of you guys identifies which flavor of Blazor is being discussed. I'm concerned that I'll try to implement something I've read but will be unsuccessful because I'm using the wrong type of Blazor.

I'm sure that most here can easily tell which type of Blazor is being used by simply viewing the post, but I'm not there yet. Perhaps next time you make changes to your community section, you'll consider separating the Blazor types again?


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Hi @SloSuenos,

I just created a new category and renamed the existing one.

Nice, @korchev thank you!