New Application Created but Not Running / Functioning

Hi There,
I have just received my Radzen Blazor Studio license today. In past I used Radzen Studio and it worked (& still working) fine. But with Blazor Studio, I just tested to create a New Application >> Selected Theme Fluent >> SDK 6. and run the application ---- (no new page, no database, no culture etc. etc...). I just expected to see its working and showing welcome page. But getting error as below... Any advice please?

I am afraid this isn't a known issue with Radzen Blazor Studio. I found this thread: Blazor server template throws exception on "Cannot find the fallback endpoint specified by route values: { page: /_Host, area: }" - Stack Overflow

Make sure you don't have any preview / CTP versions of the .NET SDK installed.

Thanks @korchev
That might be a good pointer... I see these installed, seems the 7.0 (by looking at Size) is not a full version.

I had to completely uninstall VS2022 Preview before Radzen would work - I think there are some issue with the last VS2022 Prev...

Thanks all. For me I installed SDK 7 full now and managed to then radzen blazor work... (At least test application, no additional page, no settings change etc. so far.).... but then facing another issue when I am trying to get some data.... I am trying to connect SQL Server database and its stuck forever in Code Generation Settings, after selecting database and server etc.

Same server and same database connection working great from Radzen studio..... but not from Radzen Blazor studio at all. I am now somewhat regretting for my decision to opt for Radzen Blazor within 2 days. Radzen Studio for me was really nicer.

I have replied to your other thread and I am closing this one.