.Net MAUI Blazor Hybrid with Radzen components

I'm trying to release .Net MAUI Blazor Hybrid app with Radzen components through the Apple Store. It runs successfully on any iOS emulators, on other platforms (Windows, Android, Mac, browsers), but always crashes on Apple devices when it is released through the app store, or through TestFlight while loading page with some Radzen components.
Possible problematic components: RadzenTextBox, RadzenTemplateForm
Perhaps there are some specific project settings required when releasing the application?

You can try the suggestions from this github issue [iOS] Trimming / AOT issue after publish in .NET MAUI Blazor app · Issue #14271 · dotnet/maui · GitHub

Here is another thread from our forum discussing a similar issue: MAUI IOS Release Error

thanks for the help. Besides setting the necessary attributes, I forgot to clean the bin and obj folders. Finnaly, it works