.NET 5 Support

Does Radzen support .NET 5?

Hi @michaelgrissom,

At the moment Radzen does not support .NET 5. It supports .NET Core 3.1.

When is support planned? I needed to upgrade to the latest .net 5 preview, but it doesn't compile as long as I reference Radzen.

This is definitely not true. Here are two applications with latest Radzen.Blazor:

Both compiles and works normally runtime.

Support for .NET 5 in Radzen itself will be added after the official release.

Interesting. I did some more investigation, and this appears to be some kind of incompatibility with the new Microsoft.Identity.Web package. Build works if either of them is included, but not if both are included:

<PackageReference Include="Microsoft.Identity.Web" Version="0.3.1-preview" />
<PackageReference Include="Radzen.Blazor" Version="2.11.14" />

Whether this is a problem with Identity, Radzen, or the .net 5 toolchain, I have no clue.

Is Radzen .NET 5 support going to be added soon since RC1 is out and is supported in production?

Do you mean a dedicated .NET 5 version of Radzen.Blazor or Radzen to generate .NET 5 applications?

@korchev Generate .NET 5 application.

We will wait for the official .NET 5 release as we have been bitten too many times by release candidates with a go live license. Probably one week after .NET 5 is officially released.