Nested Tree Angular

Hi, I just started with radzen and I wanna make a nested tree. How do I do this?
This is my Array of obj
Arr= [
DocumentName:First Document
DocumentName:Child 1
Thank you!

There is an example in this article:

Tank you for your response, I tried, but it's not working (wanna match Id === ParentId), olso tied load loadash but when I recompile the application it removes the loadash. Thanks!

The example shows how to:

  • Access current node data using ${}
  • Access current node level using ${event.level}
  • Set node children using ${event.children}

For this particular example we've used non homogeneous data (each level have different properties) and you can find example with homogeneous data (self-referencing) in this thread:

Again, these are just examples that can be adapted to your scenario and data.

Thank you! I will try :slight_smile: