Nested RadzenTemplateForm

I am attempting to use a Nested RadzenTemplateForm. I have a class such as this

Class Ingredient
string Name;
List Items

When Creating a new Ingredient i have a RadzenTemplateForm which when submitted will save the entire Ingredient (name and items).

I have another nested RadzenTemplateForm which is for the Items itself ( i want to be able to validate the inputs and make them required). When submitted it simply takes the NewItem and adds it to the Items list on Ingredient.

With the nested TemplateForms i get an exception saying i need to define a ChiledContent Context=x to differentiate the context. I went ahead and did that (it jacked up my formatting) but when submitting it does not trigger the validation. It does call the InvalidSubmit however.

Any thoughts as to how to handle this properly

Hi @jdiapice,

I’m afraid that nested forms are not supported.

Is there a way to trigger Validation on RequiredValidator via the @Ref?