Nested NavigateTo not propagating parameters

Good Day

I am not sure if this is normal / expected behaviour but if I nest a NavigateTo inside of an open dialog then it does not create the page parameters on the target page.

If I place the navigate below the open dialog then it creates the page parameters on the target page.

Hi @DarrenW,

I've just tried that and it worked normally for me:

SomePage will open OtherPage as dialog on Load and when closed will navigate to ThirdPage with two parameters:

Hi @enchev

I have just tried again on a new project with only 3 pages and I am having the same issue?

I am going to send my project to

You can zip only the meta folder of your app.

Hi @DarrenW,

I was able to reproduce and fix the problem! Update will be published immediately!

Thank you, much appreciated.