Navigation Menu empty value


In my application I need to deploy in a sub path. All works except the main default page link in the radzen menu.

To replicate it, the launchSetting.json file i set:
"iisSettings": {
"windowsAuthentication": false,
"anonymousAuthentication": true,
"iisExpress": {
"applicationUrl": "http://localhost:52035/WebApp",
"sslPort": 44364

my menu items are like:

<RadzenPanelMenu Class="w-100 h-100">
    <RadzenPanelMenuItem Text="First item" Path="/" Icon="dashboard"></RadzenPanelMenuItem>
    <RadzenPanelMenuItem Text="Second item" Path="Second" Icon="published_with_changes"></RadzenPanelMenuItem>

In these conditions:
1: when launching the application, the current item (the default one) in the menu object is not selected;
2: clicking the first item, the redirection goes to http://localhost:52035 (with a consequent error) and not to http://localhost:52035/WebApp

Is there something I can do to properly setup the radzen menu item?

Thank you once again,