Navigation Item shown as "Item 0"

I have an issue with a brand new generated application.

Some Naviagation Items are shown as "Item 0" and I could not figure out why.

In the IDE everything should be set correct:

The navigation is working correctly, if I hover over the navigation item it will show the correct path and it opens the correct page when clicking it.

I already checked all json files in meta folder, but no reference to "Item 0" could be found.

Any hint where this issue could be located?


Is your application multi-lingual? Do you have any translation files (resx)?

Yes multi-lingual is active.
Is this the place where the text comes from?

Just wondering, some pages has the inital value correct some not.

Yes, strings are generated in the resx files per page. Radzen will try to generate unique keys for as many as possible component properties however in some cases you will need to manually define and use the resx entries.

Thanks, got it.

But when I check my MainLayout.xx-XX.resx files, there are entries from items that aren't exist or aren't exist anymore or got renamed.
Doesn't the IDE modify it?

this items aren't exist anymore or got renamed.

Only default culture resx files are overwritten on subsequent runs, other culture resx files will be merged with what's generated for default culture resx - no entries will be deleted.

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