Navigating Menu and Changing Text

I have a customer request to use the menu to display specific details about an item. Is there a way to programmically access the menu and change the text? So if I open a claim (that's my main object), ideally, I'd like to be able to update a menu item to show something like:
Claim Details
-> Claim Number
-> Status
-> Amount of Claim
-> Loss Details
-> Cause of Loss
-> Loss Tags

The details beside the arrows would change depending on the selected Claim. I'm wondering if I can access the menu from the Edit Claim form. And if so, can I change the text of various subitems. Also can I make menu items visible/invisible depending on which form is open?

Hi @kgordon,

The navigation menu in our demos is built in similar way. Programmatically are assigned various properties, items are shown depending on search, etc: