Navigate from DataGrid to Dynamic Pages

I am trying to navigate from a DataGrid dynamically to different pages. I have a DataGrid with Notes that has a NoteType column. If the user double-clicks on a row in the DataGrid with a NoteType of QuickNote, it should navigate to the QuickNote Detail page. If the user double-clicks on a row in a the DataGrid with a NoteType of Call, it should navigate to the Call Detail page.

I think this would be achieved by utilizing multiple Double-click Row events with Conditions. I have not been able to get the first condition to me met so I have not seen how it handles multiple events.

My problem is most likely syntax. For the Condition, I am trying ${getNotesResult.NoteType} == 'QuickNote'

I have also tried a few variations and looked through the documentation and forums for examples, but everything either gives errors or does nothing when a row is double-clicked.

Thanks so much in advance for your assistance!

Hi Chadrick,

I think the condition should read ${event.NoteType} == 'QuickNote'

event contains all properties of the current data item. You already use it in a similar way for the NoteID parameter Value.

Best regards,

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:man_facepalming: Oh I had tried event before and again just now with no result but then I stopped the website and started it again and it picked it up and worked. Thank you so much!