Navigate DataGrid with "prev/next" button?

Let me describe use-case first: I'm using DataGrid in Master/Details mode for displaying kind of events-log.
As far as I can see, navigating with keyboard through DataGrid is not supported.
OK, so in "details" pane I would like to have kind of "previous/next" buttons which would switch to next row in grid. To let user quickly browse subsequent entries without clicking specific row in "Master" pane (not as fast as keyboard, but at least does not require moving the mouse).
This is easy when you have associated data in known sort order - then prev/next buttons can adjust selected row.
But when you enable DataGrid sorting/filtering you seem not to have control on current items ordering (I have data collection bound to DataGrid on load).
It seems to me that the only way is to use LoadData to fully control how data are loaded and maintain current item position. This looks a bit complex to me, as so far I was pretty happy with default binding.
So, before I get into this, I would like to ask if there is maybe an easier way to implement it?
Thank you in advance for any suggestions.

LoadData will let you load data your own way not using IQueryable - this is not related to “item position” in any way.

Thank you for quick reply.
I see, but, referring to your "Binding with LoadData event" sample:
In LoadData "employees" are created, filtered and sorted in same way as DataGrid displays it (sort order and filter are arguments).
So, in my master/details scenario, I can initially set selectedEmployee to first element of employees.
Then, setting selectedEmployee (on buttons click) to next/previous item in (sorted and filtered) "employees" collection would automatically select proper row in DataGrid. Am I right?
If LoadData approach I'm thinking of is no good, maybe you could advice some other way to implement it?

There is no any API related to next/previous item in Radzen DataGrid. There is only Value that can be bound which is the selected item - not sure if you are referring to this. In case of hierarchy the expanded item(s) might be different from selected item which is unique for every DataGrid in the hierarchy.

Yes, I mean "Value". OK, this explains. Thanks for your support!