Mysql field type for storing images and documents


what is used as a datatype in mysql/mariadb for storing binary blobs like documents and images? In mssql it's an ntext field, according to mariadb translation table this is TEXT datatype. However radzen is not storing the record when TEXT is used. What is the correct datatype for storing image in mysql/mariadb?

kind regards, martin

Not sure what’s the problem however you might need to check this thread as well:

Well according to component fileinput, it's storing data as a base64 encoded string. So blob is not an option and when text is used (the only datatype supporting more than 8 KB) saving form reports a problem. When blob is used the automatic generation of form ignores it and puts it into include tables. Not sure how to aproach this.

I just want to say I found the problem. Mysql has actually several types of TEXT, however one have to specify the exact type. So be sure that you use at least MEDIUMTEXT as db type, so 16MB files are ok.
Maybe someone will help this.

kind regards, martin