Multiple Filters in Datagrid with Form

I am using the Datagrid with Form to display Sales Leads. I am trying to include some filters that let me select Open Leads, Closed Leads and All Leads. Setting up the filters isn't the problem. I am also trying to implement Search while typing. When I set up the default page, it works fine. If I add buttons for the filters and have the invoke data source method with the same "get" that the datagrid uses but with different .Where(r => r.xxxx) it filters properly but when I try to use the search, it reverts back to the original "get" as the search invokes the load() method. I made a work around by duplicating the grid 3 times with different .Where(r => and making them visible or not visible based on button click. This works, but the form does not update until I actually click a row in the grid. The form uses lead.xxxx (lead being the set property for the result.FirstOrDefault(), which on row select accesses the ${event} which I cannot seem to modify.

Is there a way to filter a datagrid in a Datagrid with Form page and still be able to used search and update the form on filter?

As far as I understand the filers are not column filers but some outside of the DataGrid filter with Where() before assigning the Data. You might need to try to change these filters by using DataGrid columns filtering API (check our demos for reference) and in this case the code in the Rener event that will select first item after filtering should work as expected.

I am pretty close to a solution on this except for one thing. If I want to "Reload" the page using the load() method in a button click, do I need to create a method for it? When I select invoke method, there is not load method available.

Radzen only lists the methods in the partial file and this is why Load isn't available. You can use Execute C# action though. Set Code to await Load();

Great, thank you! I have it all figured out now. I am invoking the data in the load event and executing the load in a partial method, with each button setting up a different filter which works like a charm!