Multiple Dialogs in one function

I am currently building a appointment app and creating QR codes for that appointment. To create an appointment i use RadzenScheduler OnSlotSelect eventCallback to open multiple dialogs one after another in that function.(Creation of appointment/Confirmation of appointment/QR code preview/confirmation of print completion)

I am using like this multiple pages and cases . In one of that cases i got some bug which includes DialogService.Confirm and DialogService.Alert. İf i use in this order

Confirm/Alert -> OpenAsync<Foo> -> Confirm/Alert after first 'OpenAsync' other dialogs dont get any Confirm/Alert /Dialog options and stuck with first 'OpenAsync' Options or minimum values.

AlertDialog // No problem at options
OpenAsync<Foo> // No problem at options

I cant upload more than 2 picture so here is last two dialog(new user restriction)



I've tried leaving it at auto but it didnt change.

To reproduce this bug

@inject DialogService DialogService

<div class="rz-p-12 rz-text-align-center">
    <RadzenButton Text="Confirm dialog" ButtonStyle="ButtonStyle.Secondary" 
        Click="@clickEvent" />


    async Task clickEvent()
        await DialogService.Alert("Dialog1", "TestDialog-1", new AlertOptions() { OkButtonText = "Yes",Height="250px"});
        await DialogService.OpenAsync<RadzenCard>(null,null,new DialogOptions(){Height="300px"});
        await DialogService.Confirm("Dialog2", "TestDialog-2", new ConfirmOptions() { OkButtonText = "Yes", CancelButtonText = "No",Height="250px"});            
        await DialogService.OpenAsync<RadzenCard>(null,null,new DialogOptions(){Height="200px"});


Opening multiple dialogs with only DialogService.OpenAsync didnt trigger any bug for 6 months of using it (i opened my forum account just to post this bug) .

I've tried to find to fix it but nothing come close to solve the issue i had. Only thing i find different while trying is that dialog wrapper class changing and duplicating itself as class which can see in photos i uploaded

Here is what I see with your code in our demos:

all dialogs are show as expected:

Third and fourth dialog height didnt change thats the problem
Third one is set 250px, fourth one is set 200px

I see the problem now! We will do our best to provide fix in our next update before the end of the week.

Fixed: Dialog height not updated properly when multiple dialogs are chained · radzenhq/radzen-blazor@c9103bd · GitHub

Thank you so much . I will be waiting next update