Multiline chart legend

Hi Radzen Team,
Would it be possible to have support for multiline chart legends? Currently there appears to be a static space reserved for the legend that can only hold one line of items. Please see the screenshot below for what happens when there are two lines of items.

Also the forum says the file is too big and that the maximum size is 4096kb but the file is only a bit over 1MB so you might fix that as well. I created a dropbox link instead.

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At the moment this is not a supported scenario. I can suggest using a different legend position - right for example.

We are aware of this issue but it is beyond our control to fix. Seems to be a problem with the forum solution that we use.

Yes I'm aware that it's not a supported scenario but would it be possible to fix it? A dynamic height of the legend. I tried putting the legend to the right but it somehow doesn't look professional enough. Also it appears that dynamic width of the legend when it's in the right side is already supported so it probably shouldn't be a big issue to implement a dynamic height either.

Dynamic height isn't supported because there is no way to measure it from Blazor (without an expensive roundtrip). Dynamic width is easier to support - it is the maximum length of a legend item.

Wouldn't it be possible to calculate the total width of all legend items, and if it exceeds the view width, add space for another row? Dynamic space for two rows would already be much better.

This could probably work as an approximation. We will test how it works.

Great, thanks! I hope it turns out good enough. I'd guess it probably works better than the current version but please let me know the results.

Thanks for the great support once again,
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